Weekend Recap

Well this past weekend Jason, Kiri and I were supposed to be vacationing on the shores of Lake Michigan in Door County, but instead I got inundated with work, and Jason had to go out to ND.

While he was gone Eli decided to go off and get sick, and by sick I mean both ends baby! Now, normally I make Jason clean up ALL of the puke spills, because if I do it there will be two puke piles instead of one, but unfortunately this was not puke, this was much much worse. SO I put on my big girl panties and got some rubber gloves, a roll of paper towels, and chemicals. Lots of chemicals!
I took Eli to the  vet on Saturday where he received a shot that DID stop the vomiting, but did not do much for the never ending diarrhea. (side note: do you know that I never knew exactly how to spell diarrhea until this weekend?)
Eli’s appetite went down significantly as in not at all, and my nerves have been shot. The vet didn’t think he felt an obstruction and chalked it up to some kind of toxicity of something he ate. Basically, ride it out for a few days and call on Monday/Tuesday if he’s not doing better. Even now as i’m writing this Eli just dropped another shit bomb in the living room. All I have to say is thank JESUS for our laminate flooring! This would NOT be good on carpet. Yes, I will be calling the vet in the morning!
What else went on this weekend? Well we missed gymnastics due to Eli’s sickness, but I did manage to uuuber clean the house. I mean top to bottom, loads of trash out, and chemically cleaned up the whole thing. I can’t tell you how nice it is to live in a clean house (minus the shitting).
I never used to be an “over cleaner upper”, but after this weekend I am straight addicted to the smell of cleaner. I know this isn’t healthy, but either is inhaling the stench of dog shit.
Mom worked on getting caught up on Weeds [the TV show], and Kiri played with the neighbor girl a lot!
Today was church, napping, relaxing, and cleaning up more shit.
What did you do this weekend? Comment below.

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