Brave. When reading through the book of Daniel, all I could think of was, WOW! how brave is Shadrach, Meshac and Abednego, and how brave is Daniel?
Ok- if i’m the least bit honest, my faith has hardly ever been tested. I mean really! We live in a time and country where we aren’t religiously persecuted as they were back then, and the only real persecution i’ve faced is stuff I’ve made up in my head, like, if bring up God in a social setting, or even worse – if a song is speaking to me at church and I feel the urge to raise my hands to the Lord, will the people behind me and to the sides of me think I’m a huge dork?
These guys literally went into a FURNACE, and a lions den.
This is kind of a corny video, but also drives home the point too.
Ok- you only need to watch the first 20-40 seconds of this to get my point
Lions are scary when they are angry, (ok all the time) and a hungry pack of lions in a den that
Daniel is getting thrown into? And he’s still like, nope, i’m still going to pray the way I want to
even if it means getting thrown into a pack of hungry hungry lions.
And I’m self conscious of raising my arms in praise with fellow Christians.

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