Settling In.

Well we’re getting settled into our routine here at home. Kirra is doing pretty good considering a fractured femur. It doesn’t seem to bother her too much, unless you move it accidently. I am doing a lot better too. I was quite emotional and overwhelmed right after her birth, and once we got home. So many hormones flying all over the place, and especially with her leg being broken, and me trying to heal from major surgery was definitely more challenging, emotionally and physically than I thought it was going to be… Plus not going into labor, and having such a surgical/painful birth was different too.

I am now 2 weeks post-partum, and am really sliding into this routine. My tummy feels so much better, I can really get up and move around pretty easily now. Once in a blue moon I feel kind of a snag of pain if I have moved too much, or twisted wrong. I can’t quite bend foward too much yet, but each day gets better and better. I’m only on pain meds maybe once a day…

Kirra goes for her follow up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon next Monday so we will see if her broken leg is healing properly. She is doing pretty good with her pain management as well. We give her tylenol as she needs it, but maybe only 2x a day…

On my prenatal ultrasounds she had a dialated left kidney, and it has continued past birth. We went in today to the doctor to get another ultrasound to see if it has gotten better, and it is still midly dialated. This means two things…It could be that she has a mishapen kidney, or she may have a condition called Hydronephrosis, which basically allows fluid from the bladder to go back up into her kidney. It’s very very mild on her tho… we go back to our pediatrician next Tuesday (12/4) and she will decide if she needs further testing… So if it is this condtion… it’s something that you can treat with antibiotics, and follow up with every year and monitor… Hopefully it’s just a mishapen kidney, but if it’s not it’s manageable.

Kirra has had a few baths now, and doesn’t seem to mind them at all. I think she will like them even more when her leg fully heals. Also her umbilical cord stump fell off. She has the cutest belly button I have ever seen!

Until next time!

Be Well.

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