I hope everyone had a  super great Thanksgiving Holiday! I know that Jason & K had fun going to both of our parents house, and me – unfortunately I was stuck in bed with this cold/virus – thing… I’m still not sure if “that” was influenza, or adenovirus, or something totally different. My differential dx was adenovirus since it was paired also with pink eye, but i’m no doctor, and WebMD, a Merek Manual and a USN Corpsman background only gets you so far….

I’m very slowly beginning to feel better. I’m still weak, and stuck in my head. My eyes are still dry, and a bit hard of seeing at times, but a LOT of the redness has gone away. It looked as though I had a bad obsession with Bella on Twilight! No dum dum, obviously my iris’ weren’t red, but you get the point. At this point, i’m still congested, and have a running headache, and i’m TIRED!

Luckily I only have 20 more days of school! YES!!!! I haven’t been so excited to be done with school since I graduated with my bachelors degree! I’m super excited to be taking pause!

We have another busy week ahead… small group tomorrow with some ladies from my playgroup/church – gymnastics on Wednesday – touring a school for K to attend Kindergarten next year (oh my!), and Friday is Sam’s birthday! What to get a 13 year old boy? That’s all I know for now.


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