Lessons from Joshua

How often do I just ask God to help me with the small stuff, but not realizing that BIG things are God sized issues too? Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still. I’m pretty sure if I just casually asked, “God, please make the sun stand still” it would never happen.

Part of the reason is that my faith small. Am I really trusting that God will provide for the BIG things too?

Over the past few years I put some HUGE requests before the Lord. One was that my brother would find a wonderful woman, and be happy, as well as sell his house. BOTH of which happened.

The other was that my cousin Sara & her husband Joel could have a baby which was very very difficult for them, and THAT happened too. Over the course of the next weeks I’ll look internally and see what else I’ve been holding out from my Father – because He is in the business of doing BIG things!

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