One stand out story to me is of Samson.

Growing up I wasn’t super familiar with a lot of the bible stories that many get in Sunday school because I never went to Sunday school. Rather I went to “big church” with my folks which truthfully a lot of times I spaced out and wasn’t really paying attention (until I got older).

So the first time I ever heard of the story of Samson was from my daughters “Read & Share” Bible.

THIS is LITERALLY what it says about Samson.

First off. It shows a super nice picture of Samson:

I love here how it shows these cute little bunnies,
 like YAY Samson… never mind all the Fox you tied up and terrorized, 
just to set a field on fire…..

So imagine my [HUGE] surprise this week to find out that Samson is actually a HUGE jerk! I mean – ok I definitely don’t want my preschooler learning about the REAL Samson quite yet, but I can’t believe how terrible he is. Actually I kind of can’t believe how much killing is actually going on in Judges (and Joshua). I am really wrestling with this… I realize the Lord wanted to purge evil away from the Israelites, but this is not the God i’m accustomed to in the New Testament. [obviously] I’ll have to keep reading!

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