Less Clean – but…

This week we were much less clean eating due to the fact that we were giving our kitchen a facelift by re-painting our kitchen cabinets, and countertop so therefore I had no countertops, etc to work with. They should be fully dry by Monday so I will resume my clean eating then. I still haven’t had much sugar or milk unless you count the cookies that were brought into my work,and the hot chocolate I had at Church… otherwise we DID almost eat out every night this past week, or had “garbage” food (e.g. Mac & Cheese doesn’t require countertop space)! Debating going out and running with Sadie this afternoon. I’m planning on running in Fargo Half Marathon in May – so I need to start some base training since I haven’t been hardly running since my 10 Mile race in September (i’m awful). I”m planning on doing the Go Far Challenge. You can read about it on their webpage, but it seems like a cool/sweet deal! I’d be doing the 5K/Half option. Well….here is to a 2 mile run with Sadie girl.

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