Almost Run Fail

Got home from work today and wanted to run aprox. 3 miles. Because all of the snow has melted its quite dark when I get home so I drove over to the development where there are lots of lights and a lake to run around and took Sadie with me. Well right when we got there, and on to the path she wanted nothing to do with running. I’d get about 10 feet and then she would put on the brakes, so I’d run the other way and she’d put on the brakes. Finally I got her to go potty (after about 10 minutes of nonsense) and then and only after a jaunt through the park she was happy to run around the lake. We got done and she was just filthy so I threw her in the sink and gave her a sink bath. Jason made Chicken and Lentil soup, and it was really good! We’re doing rather well still with our clean eating, and I hope to post a recipe per week! The food so far has been delicious and after our unhealthy binge last week (d/t no counterspace) I realized I hardly even like the taste of sugary things anymore! cRaZy!

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