Swimming part two!

What a great day at swimming tonight. Kirra did really well again. Jason and I got to the pool super early, so we sat poolside to wait for our instructor to come over, and we decided to dangle our legs into the pool (since for whatever reason, you’re not supposed to get in the pool before lessons.) Kirra was just having so much fun that she layed on Jason’s legs and pretty much laid/floated in the water. We also practiced getting wet with sprinkling cans, which Kirra wasn’t too nuts about getting her head wet with the sprinkling type, but didn’t hesitate to pour the whole bucket of water right on her face, and then cough, and laugh about it. She’s so silly!
We also practiced letting go of Kirra while she hangs on to the side of the pool without us. Obviously we’re really close so that if she lets go we can catch her. The idea was for her to scale the wall and move around, but Kirra just kept crawling right out of the pool to jump in. Silly girl!
Also, Happy Birthday to my mom. Thank you so much for giving me life, and nurturing me into the strong woman that I am today, which reflects who you taught me to be.

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