Halos aren’t always angelic….

What a wild week! Tuesday night I ended up running 6.5 miles! Wednesday I ran with Moms on the Run, and everyone did absolutely AMAZING! Today was a bit more eventful…. Since about May i’ve noticed a quarter size irregular shaped white patch on my back. Right on my cross tattoo in fact. So I decided I better go get it checked out – in addition to getting a full body scan from my dermatologist. She noticed there was a mole in the center of the white spot which she called a Halo Mole. She thought the mole itself didn’t look suspect, but wanted to biopsy it anyways. I think i’m certain that it happened when I severely sunburned myself in the tanning bed last April! Which can cause moles to become abnormal. I also told her about some painful keloid scaring in my ears from having my ears pierced all the way up several years ago, so she injected some steroids into my ear lobes! I will hear about my biopsy in 10 days to 2 weeks. Lets all hope/pray that its just the sunburn thing making my body develop a halo around the mole! Tonight I went on ANOTHER run with Moms run this town girls and it was AMAZING!!!! We went about 3 miles. So glad tomorrow is a rest day! So glad! I’m off to melt into my bed now and watch Jersey Shore!

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