Tuesday Tunes!

I heard this song on my way home from work tonight (8:00 p.m.), and it got me very pumped and in the mood for Insanity Day 9!!!!! Leave it to Britney to get me going! Her songs usually do. I probably turned this song up to a 22 or 23 in my car. It was awesome! Insanity workouts are still going strong despite me not posting anything since Saturday. Tonight was Pure Cardio!

So, I did have a little “slack” dinner tonight since I had pizza [Domino’s no less…] for a work meeting, but I’ve been eating really clean lately, so I’m not going to feel too bad about it, plus Shaun T whooped my A tonight. Not just saying it either…. It was so hard, at one point I said screamed out loud, I’d rather be running a marathon right now!!!!!!! I DEFINITELY paid my dues!
Rewind back to Saturday… Jason surprised me by taking me out to Zelo in downtown Minneapolis. It was really nice! We even did Valet parking! I had Basil crusted Sea Bass, and Jason had steak. We each had a glass of wine. It was super nummy!!!! Afterwards we swung into the place that he normally plays poker, and I even got in on a round. It was really fun! We were going to go to a movie but I was tired, and not feeling super well, so we called it a night and went home.
Sunday was rest day from our workout which was good since I had come down with something beginning on Friday after I left work… I feel 100% better now (Tuesday), but was scared I wasn’t going to make my workout yesterday, but I did. We did switch it over to evenings/late afternoons however, which I actually like better, despite my earlier post saying I liked getting up at 5:50 a.m.
Well, I’m off to bed, since I’m up way past my bedtime!
Happy Tuesday Tunes everyone! I hope you like this song as much as I do, and have it on repeat!

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