The Pond

Jason and I were doing some spring cleaning, and I found this piece of writing I did back in high school,and I absolutely love it! Enjoy.


The sound of metal driving its way into the ice like a piece of celery breaking is the sound of a figure skater softly and gracefully gliding across the ice.

I love this sound, and I love the frozen pond. The fantasy fairy tale land that give me the chance to express myself both fully, and freely, like an eagle who gets all the space he/she wants to express themselves.

I love to listen to a song,and do whatever comes natural to me,whatever I do is okay ,because I am usually all by myself when I skate,so I don’t have to feel embarrassed or stupid.

The most exhilarating thing that I have ever done was to go out on to the bond on a cold Friday night when the moon was full and skate all by myself with no light but the moon.

The feeling you get is like there is nobody else in the world, but you and the pond. Nothing else seems to matter because you are by yourself, and nobody is around. You really get to find out whom you are inside,because you get to spend quality time by your self.

The moon is my flashlight shimmering brightly like a candle in a dark musk like cave,or like something else that i can not explain. Everything is so still at this time of night, and if you listen close enough you can hear the little snores of the beavers or the sneezes of muskrats.

Sometimes… I like to imagine that I cam out in the middle of a competition, and that there are millions of people coming to watch me as I do my greatest routine ever seen by anyone. When I get done with the routine I stand around and imagine that the crowd is going wild,like people at a rock concert or a super bowl football game when everyone finds out that the team they were rooting for has won!

Then I listen to another song as I go out once more for an encore,for all of my screaming fans which just happen to be the frozen reeds and cattails in the pond.

When I go out and skate all of my fears, my worries, my dreams, my hopes are expressed… solved or forgotten out there. I go out there to think about life and how they relate or interweave into my skating routine.

Sometimes I just skate for fun out on the pond too. I practice my jumps, spins, and other fundamentals that are a major part of skating, and just relax as I enjoy the elements of skating.

I love to let the wind and emotions take over me like a ghost trying to enter my soul whether or not it will be a good ghost or not. I feel like something is there because i just go with the flow and forget about all of my problems with family,friends, school, work, etc…..

Sometimes i like to just lay down on the ice and stare at the stars like the wise men when they were looking for baby Jesus, or when Moses was looking for his way home.

Although I love to skate at night,sometimes I forget where the cracks and divots are in the ice and i end up tripping or falling on a jump, or getting messed up in a spin.

Every once and a while I get kind of lonely and sad thinking of how the world is turning into something like a trash dumpster. Everything is messed up, dirty, and not nice looking or friendly looking. People and stories on the news are hopeless…

Sometimes I think that maybe this is how the world is going to be in the future. But then I think of the pond, and how it makes me feel so safe and then I forget all about the world again, and concentrate on the effervescent feeling that I get when I do something cool out on the ice.

I love to imagine that i am an olympian out on the ice competing an artistic impression routine for all of the people (reeds) in the stands (snow banks) and do some showing off!

Often I go on to the pond without the intent to skate at all. Believe it or not I really just love to lay on the pond and stare at the sky and talk to God without using words. I just lay there and open my soul, and God knows what i need, and what I want. Usually I do this at night. I think about the world, or every once and a while think about absolutely nothing at all.

When finally it is time to leave the pond I feel refreshed and new and had long forgotten about all of my problems that I may have had in the past.

I know that someday soon I will be returning to the place of enchantment… the fairy tale land and the fantasy that I endure every time I go out on to the frozen pond in the woods.

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