Runner Girl…

girl+runner.jpg (116×129)
I’ve really been working hard at making sure i’m getting in my training runs on the weekend. So far i’m up to logging 8 miles as a long run just this past Sunday. I have been seriously slacking however during the week, but today my co-worker challenged me to running even just two miles… its better than nothing, and it will help my body remember what I need to be doing. 
My half marathon is in a very very short 4 weeks. Watching The Biggest Loser definitely helps to motivate me, and I’m glad I did get my run in today. I’m still running pretty darn slow. About a 12 minute-mile pace… but maybe if I can keep up on this easy-peasy two mile run(s) during the week, then it will slowly get faster! 
This Saturday I’m running around White Bear Lake with my cousin who’s also doing the Half, and we’re going to call it 10 miles, even though its actually a 15K. Maybe we’ll some how squeeze in the 10 some where… :-)…. Hopefully I can get some additional 2 mile runs in as well!

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