New Family Member

Meet our newest family member… Breeana. She is a Tortishell Manx cat mix, although our vet thinks she did have a full tail at one point.

Last Saturday I went for my run with Sara around White Bear Lake, and I made it the whole way without walking,so I was pretty proud of myself. Once I got home, Jason asked what I wanted to do for the rest of the day, and I said, “I don’t know, what do you want to do”. And he said, lets go look at dogs and cats…

So off we went. There were so many nice kitties at the Humane Society, and nice dogs as well. We wanted to check Petco out as well to see what they had on their adoption day, but in the end we went back to the AHS. We “visited” 3 or 4 cats, and settled on Breeana.

We came up with her name by going off some of the names we were going to name Kirra, and what she could pronounce. Plus she just looks like a Breeana to us!

We even found a new vet, and we’re really happy with them thus far. I think we’ll be bringing all the pets to Dr. Dan. We actually had to put Breeana on antibiotics already because she is sneezing! So we called the vet, and she has an upper respiratory infection. Poor kitty.

We’ve been keeping Breeana in our room and locking out Tyler and Kip, because they’re not all fully aquainted, and we didn’t want Breeana to get scared and hide in the basement ceiling, so for now, we’re housing the new kitty in our room. It seems like Tyler is kind of sad, but he’s been dealing with it pretty well. Breeana actually really likes Tyler, but she isn’t too sure about Kip yet. Kip would like to get to know Breeana, but she just hisses at him….

I’ll tell you what tho… since we’ve closed our bedroom door at night, I sleep a heck of a lot better!!!

Here are some photos to take a peak at Miss Bree. (Breeana)

Look, no tail~
Almost looks like she is smiling…

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