3.5 Miles

Back to runing again, and I feel like I ran a 10K when I only did 3.5 miles. My body felt punished after a 1.5 week break of NO running at all. Gosh I’ve been so naughty. I need to keep up with it now, otherwise my race will be sheer torture! There are only 11 weeks left until my race date, and I know that its going to come far too soon for me. The route I took was really nice. It was thru a nice quiet neighborhood that didn’t have a lot of traffic, which was GREAT! The snow cover was vast though which proved a little tricky for stepping. There were some spots that were melted that I could get good traction, but I had to give back the yak tracks so it was a little like running thru a white sandy beach. It was kind of warm though. Tomorrow i’m going to have a recovery run of just 1 mile. To keep up with the actual running motion, but also take it easy with an EASY mile. I’m enjoying my day off very much! I haven’t done a whole lot except spend time with Jason and Kirra, go on a run,take a long bath, and vege out. We rented a few movies yesterday for Valentines day, and have two down, one to go. We rent them from RedBox, so we need to get them back by 9pm tonight.

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