Yak Trax

I tried out my co-workers Yak Trax tonight and they’re great! I was able to easily run over the ice and snow without slipping at all! I was really very impressed. I’m definitely going to buy some this week! It does feel a little weird when I ran over bare road, but the majority of my roads are SO covered in ice and snow, it was really a non-issue. I ended up going just over two miles tonight. MAN my slacking off was really felt. I’ve got to keep on the horse tho. I’m planning on running every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays. No more stupid excuses! I should be able to pull of a minimum of two miles, even on the treadmill if its too cold out. (Below zero).

yaktrax_brand.jpg (240×300)
Here is a picture of the Yak Trax.

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