Great Weekend

We had such a great weekend. Friday evening I dropped Kirra off at Nana & Papa’s, and I went to Card Club (we make homemade cards) and Jason was playing poker. I got home and met his poker friends, and they are all very nice.

Saturday morning I woke up, and finished cleaning, and then ran some errands and did some wine tasting at the liquor store. There was a very great Pinot Grigio. So I bought two bottles!!! The work party was last night, and it went off without a hitch. I think everyone had a great time. Jason got wine glasses and I got some m&m’s and california baby products. SO i was thrilled. It was kind of like I got both gifts :P.
Today Jason and I slept in until 10:20am,and then went over to his parent’s for the Vikings game,which was terrific! I got to take a nap as well for a few hours after the game, so it went really well. Kirra was happy to see us. We also got to enjoy grandma’s terrific tacos as well. Miah and Amillie came over too.
This week should be fun. I plan on taking the bus tomorrow morning to catch up on some reading! Have a great week everyone!

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