Merry Christmas

What a very Merry Christmas. It was so fun to see Kirra get so excited opening presents! She got so much nice stuff that I don’t even have enough room in my blog to list it all! Thanks to everyone!

Jason is now laid off for the winter, so he is going to be a stay at home dad with Kirra, and I’m going to be taking the bus to work to save on mileage on my car. I even got a bus pass, and it works out really slick. I get to read on the bus, just listen to music, or even take a little nap!
Next week I have to work Tuesday & Wednesday, and then I’m off again until January 4th. Jason is planning to be in a huge poker tourney for New Years Eve,but will still be home in time for midnight, so I’ll have to think of something earlier on! Maybe I’ll see if the neighbor wants to come over for a bit and watch a chick flick with Kirra and I. I do have to work on 1/1, so I won’t want to stay up too late regardless.

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