Christmas… just two weeks away!!!!

WOW, this year just FLEW by! We had an enjoyable weekend! The best part was that we got lots of snow which I’m pretty happy about, although sadly we still didn’t get enough to groom the trails for xc skiing! This week should be pretty fun. We have the moms night out Christmas Dinner at Chille’s on Thursday,and me and dad’s birthday party next Saturday.

Kirra is absolutely adorable lately. She loves to cuddle on the couch,and watch movies. She is a total girlie girl. She loves playing with her babies,and little people doll house. She LOVES the doll house. What else? We’re kind of just potty exploring at this point. It will be a process, and we have no expectations.
Jason is working hard on getting the basement wiped up for our holiday party in a few weeks. He poured a concrete bar top (look up concrete counter tops sometime) and finished the sheetrock. He’s mudding and taping at the moment. I hope we get it done enough for paint for the party,but we’ll see.
This is my last full week of work before Christmas, then I have off the 23rd,24th, 25th, 28th, 31st and the 1st. Then its 2010. What are we going to say? ten. one-zero, oh ten?

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