Fresh Look

Well I thought the blog needed a little face lift. So I updated the html again, but also changed the title to fit a bit better. Well in addition to the plants that we got at Pam & Phil’s we also got a bunch of plants at Lowes this past weekend. Everything in their Lawn & Garden dept was 75% off! Can you believe that? So we got about $300-$400 worth of plants, trees and shrubs for about $75. It was very cool.

The packet stuffing went really good, and I can’t even believe that this is marathon week/end already! It seems like we just did it not too long ago. It should be fun though. There is lots of fun stuff that will be happening this week. Thursday I will be staying at the hotel so unfortunately I won’t get to see Kirra from Thursday morning until Sunday night :-(. Its sad…. but this is my 3rd time. Jason is going to bring Kirra down to the Capitol for the Toddler Trot on Saturday so I will still get to see her. :-). I’m glad its supposed to be cool. I can actually wear my Race Official Jacket! We got to last year as well, but I got drenched one or two times….I really just hope it doesn’t RAIN at all! Cool all it wants…. just no rain!!!
Tomorrow two of my girlfriends are coming over for small group so that should be nice. We usually go to my other friends house, but since it’s race week i’ve requested they come to my house so that Jason doesn’t have to watch her all week. I don’t have a midwest events/vacation sports meeting this weekend, which will be nice since i’m so busy and since Wednesday is my last night home before the big race! Should be fun!!! I’ll be taking lots of pictures this week/end.

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