Crabby K

K has been pretty crabby the past few days. We looked in her mouth (during tickle time) and low and behold she’s getting a mouthful of teeth! Poor K! She’s getting at least two molars on top, plus an ‘eye’ tooth. She’s also been back on the Flovent for her “asthma” and we’re on double dose of Prevacid for heartburn (GERD).

Not 100% sure if it’s all working yet, but we’re supposed to give it all two weeks or so. Hopefully she’s better otherwise they want to do a pH probe up her nose, down her throat for 24 hours which requires an over night hospital stay at the U of M Children’s. So… HOPEFULLY we don’t have to do any of that. I can’t imagine she’d be too excited.
I (lindsey) have been fighting a cold, and had to stay home today. I slept about 18 hours, and it felt good and refreshing!
I had a Pampered Chef party last weekend, and am getting lots of stuff myself. I’m excited to quite excited.
Jason and I are going out for a “date night” on Friday so that should be fun! We haven’t had a “date night” for quite a while.
I will post more on K later this week.

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