Oh Happy Days!

Well Kirra has been in a better mood lately, but she still has her moments of course. Her teeth are coming in like mad!

She is now wearing her first pair of size 3 shoes. MAN, she has tiny feet, but then again, so do I. They are cute pink little crocks.

She also hasn’t had any coughing attacks for several days now, so that is great! We think this double dose of Prevacid is really doing the trick, at least that is what we’re hoping for. I really have my fingers crossed that she is done now for a while.

I (Lindsey) have a sinus infection and a double ear infection with my ear drums perforated. Gosh I am tore up. I have some antibiotics so I hope to feel better soon!

I’m just so glad Kirra is coughing attack free, for now!

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