Happy March

Well our daycare provider called me yesterday (Sunday) to inform me that she has strep throat and that her son (Kirra’s age) has the chicken pox! So I took today (Monday) off. I met up with me and Kirra’s friends Stefanie and Anna (Kirra’s age) and we went walking at the Northtown mall for about an hour and a half. Well it was time to be getting home, so we took off and went home via Hwy 65. Well right after we passed under the bridge of CR-14 my car went vrrrrooooommmm. And I lost all capabilities for acceleration!!!! What the heck. I threw my car into Tiptronic (manual transmission) and nothing there either. I was stuck in the turning lane right off 65.

Luckily my neighbors were home, so Michael came over and pushed me and Kirra home with his car. What a godsend. Jason came home shortly thereafter so we could figure out what was wrong with my car. We had a toe truck come and bring it up to Frank’s shop in Forest Lake where it was confirmed I will need a new transmission or to get mine rebuilt! Uhhhhhh…..

So, now we’re trying to decide if we should fix the car, or scrap it for parts, and buy a new one. We wanted to buy a new car, however this will be so bittersweet. I love my car. I really really do… but if we spend all this money (which it’s not cheap to fix a trany) then 6 months later something else goes belly up… my car right now has nearly $150,000 miles on it. She’s not dying young by any means. So what a headache to deal with.

On the bright side (if there is one) I called the Lung doctor today, and she says we can stop the inhaler! Kirra will be so happy! We’re to continue the prevacid and soy milk for another month. If she remains cough free we call Dr. Laguna back in a month, and maybe take her off the Prevacid. I’m so happy everything seems to be working out!

I’m off to the dentist tomorrow (oooh fun… not). Hopefully they are nice to me. Its a new dentist. It’s just a teeth cleaning and x-rays, but I’m not a huge fan. Hopefully Tuesday will prove to be better, and hopefully we can get a good deal on a new car, otherwise it looks like we’ll be fixing the Sebring.

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