Weekend Fun

So far our weekend has been a lot of fun! Last night we had company over for my brother Rick’s birthday. See the photos on the left. It was a Hannah Montana theme because of an inside joke with the family. Rick got a huge kick out of it. We all had super yummy DQ cake and played cards and wii.

Today I met up with my old childhood neighbor Jolene and her daughter Keira (pronounced like Kirra) at Como Zoo. Her mom came with too! Not only was it great to see her, it was also helpful when she opened the doors since we had the girls in strollers. We walked thru the conservatory to warm up (Since we had to park far away because suprisingly it was really busy!) It was so warm in there and Kirra absolutely loved looking at all of the flowers and plants, and especially loved seeing the coi fish in the little ponds. Just as I was about to snap a photo the batteries died, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from our outing today. I’m sure we will make a few trips back to the zoo this year! After the conservatory we went into the Tropical section which is also indoors. They have HUGE tanks with BIG fish in them. Kirra loved seeing the big fishies, and especially loved seeing the sloth (out of a cage) move around. Apparently the sloth never moves but she got out of whack because they are nocturnal, and this was about 1pm. The zookeeper said that was the most she’s moved in a while.

Once we got home Kirra and I enjoyed Grilled Cheese Sammies and both of us, no… all 3 of us took a nap. I’m sure Tyler and Kitty took a nap too. Jason made us yummy pork chops for dinner!

Tomorrow I am meeting up with my old High School best bud for coffee. I’m pretty excited to catch up with her. We lost contact when I joined the Navy so I am sure a ton has happened in the past 8.5 years! That’s a long time!

I’m so glad tomorrow is Sunday! We’ll watch a few TV shows, and Kirra’s new favorite TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves that show!


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