Car Back

Well I got my car back today and its running well. There is a bit of a delay and its possible there might be something up with the cylanoids, but I am supposed to get a “check up” next week. I’m happy to be driving my car again, although it’s really weird because I think i need to shift, or press in the clutch. I’ll get used to an automatic soon enough again!

Kirra has been really talkative lately, and is explaning her vocabulary. She knows where eyes are and gently touches your eyes and saying eyyyeee really quiet. Its so cute. Today we went over to a friends house where they have a little girl about Kirras age as well. They had a bunch of fun together, but we couldn’t stay late because Kirra hadn’t eaten dinner, and Tyler hadn’t gone out to potty yet.

We might go to the home and garden show this weekend, because Jason gets free passes thru work. Then we can dream of ideas for the yard. Kirra’s been coughing again, but we feel like it’s just post nasal drip down her throat at this point. If she’s still coughing by Monday I will call the lung doctor Dr. Laguna back.

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