Happy New Year

Well the New Year has come! We had some company over last night, and had a pot luck apps. It was really nice and low-key. Spending time with the ones you love is always great!

2008 was great! Even though we had a major death in the family – Grandpa, over all it was great. Jason still works for Stockness Construction pouring concrete, and operates a laser screed that levels very large concrete pads. His company sent him down to Fort Myers Florida to learn how to operate his machine.

I got to travel for work in the begining of the year as well, going to Atlanta Georgia for an expo. That was very fun! Work for me is going absolutely wonderful! I love my job, and everyone i work with. 2009 I am going to try and learn a few new things!

2009 doesn’t come with HUGE plans. I think we’re going to just take everything step by step again. Of course we will have the annual camping trip to Lake Lydick, which is definitely always a good time. We will probably install a new patio door, and perhaps even fence in the backyard! (That would be great for Tyler!)

Watch this funny video of Kirra trying to imitate us sneezing. Its so cute. The link is just below.

Cheers to a great 2009!

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