Wakie Wakie…

Kirra’s new favorite game is to wake up around midnight, and cry. Really sad cries…so what does mommy do? Run in her room to see what is the matter. Kirra reaches her arms out and gladly lets me swoop her into my arms and hold her tight. So I sway back and forth, and Kirra lovingly rests her head on my shoulder. So I sit in the rocking chair a good 15 minutes or so and she seems to be asleep.

Sometimes she will pick up her head and give a small chuckle. Like haha mommy I tricked you! So we rock some more. I go to lay her down, and curdling tears again 😦 . Well daddy is sleeping, and we don’t want to wake him up… so I calm her down, only to give up and let her cry it out.

Welcome to mothering.

p.s. I’m in bed typing ever so quietly, I can actually hear my darling daughter playing in her crib, and now the dog at my feet is having bad dreams! What a night!

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