Although every Christmas is super fun, this year was even extra fun since Kirra opened most of her own presents. She was very excited about the many things.

We started out at my parent’s  house. We had hot beef sammies for lunch that were absolutely delicious! Kirra got lots of new clothes, and some really neat toys. Mom and Dad got a Wii! Kirra didn’t nap all day long, so she was extremely tired. She slept in the car for about 45 minutes.
Later that day we drove out to Uncle Joes in Lake Elmo. On the way Kirra was having her nap, so Jason took me to see their old family farm in Stillwater. They apparently changed a lot of things, so we couldn’t see the farm, but now I knew where it was. Uncle Joe’s was equally fun. He had a great dinner, and it was so wonderful to see everyone.
After a long day we drove home. Jason set up the Wii, and I went to church.
Thursday – Christmas day, we woke up and went to Jason’s parents. Kirra got lots of clothes, a nice book, some great stockings in her stocking, and even a lady bug toy that she was particularly afraid of.
I got some very cute clothes, the softest sox ever, and a gorgeous candle holder.. Mom even got some sleeper pajamas! (Picture to follow!), and Daddy got lots of awesome stuff too, including a tool box, since we always loose our screwdrivers. He also got a pull up bar that hooks on the door frame!!!
We had so much good food, that mom was absolutely stuffed! It was a great Christmas!

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