Last Sunday of June

Today is the last Sunday of June. We had fun today. We went to Blaine’s Blazin’ 4th of July. (which is ironically in June). It wasn’t the most exciting thing we’ve done, but we had fun making fun of it, and we got mini donoughts, but not for Kirra.

Then I dropped Jason off, and Kirra and I checked out Coon Lake’s beach. It looked fun, so I think in the coming weeks we will go swimming soon. We do have a pool, but it’s still really cold!

We did lots of folding of laundry, and Jason cleaned the house. We went on a WALK around the block with Kirra in the jogging stroller, and that was fun, and we all stayed safe!!! I think perhaps next weekend, or in the comming weeks we will try out the rollerblading again, but this time we will DEFINITELY have the front wheel locked. Hopefully also we can find a burley soon to pull behind the bike.

Jason is now off to Aldi the local cheapo grocery store. It will be our first time, but milk is only $2.60 per gallon, so you can’t pass that up!!!!

Jason’s grandma also gave us their ridding lawn mower, and as Jason said, it makes cutting the grass much more fun, and faster!

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