May day!

Kirra has been doing really well lately. Daycare is also going quite well! We moved up a nipple size to 2’s, or medium flow, and Kirra is drinking a lot better now. She seems to do really good at Tally’s house, and doesn’t seem to be stressed out at all. I’m so glad we were able to find a good daycare for her. One that I can trust, and not have the need to call every 5 minutes to see how my little peanut is doing.

Kirra woke up last night screaming! I ran into her room like any superwoman mom would, and here she is with her leg caught, and twisted between the bars of her crib! Unfortunately it was the far side of the crib, and since i am short, I had to crawl up on the rungs of her crib to get her free, which actually wasn’t too easy! So… today I ran to Babies R Us, and got a mesh bumper for her. That way she doesn’t slip her arms/legs thru the bars, and yet if her face gets too close, she can still breathe! I also picked up some baby sunscreen for the nice days when she isn’t going to be completely covered up! I will have to ask the pediatrician about bug spray, and if it’s good for babies or not. We’re going caming in 3 weeks, and I don’t want my poor baby bit to pieces by the skeeters!

Kirra has been making stilly buzzing noises with her lips. I am almost sure she picked it up from daycare. She just started doing it on Friday night. It’s pretty funny, but probably obnoxious to other people. She has also discovered her tooties, and likes to grab ahold, and even suck on them sometimes! Too Cute!

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