6 Month check Up

Kirra had her 6 month doctor appointment today. Dr. Evans couldn’t be there, so she saw Dr. Dessa instead. Kirra is all healthy, and growing wonderfuly. The doctor has no concerns. Yay! She was 14 pounds, and 13oz, and 23 and 3/4 long. So she is in the 25% for her height and weight.

We talked about all kinds of things. Here are the questions mom asked and here were the answers!!!

When can Kirra be in Chlorine Water? She can be in chlorine water now, however don’t keep her in the pool too long, for temperature reasons, and try not to let her drink too much chlorine water.

When can Kirra wear sunscreen? She can wear sunscreen now, and should wear at least SPF 15. Above SPF 15 doesn’t add that much more protection, but we can use whatever we want, as long as it is above SPF 15. She said to not smother her whole body in it, and to use a sunscreen that is geared towards kids to avoid all of the chemicals. I told her we bought a paraben, and phthalate free kind, and she thought that was a good idea.

Can Kirra wear bug spray? Yes. Aim for a DEET free version, but if that is too hard ot find than the AAP reccomends no more than 10% deet. She said in other publications it said up to 30%, but really steer away from that if possible.

Can we give her juice and water? Yes. Limit juice to 4oz per day until she is a year old, and 6oz per day from ages 1-6.

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