5K and shopping.

Well today Kirra was in her first 5K. My friend Julie came with us (who runs Track and CC for the U of M) and so she pushed Kirra which was very helpful since there were some monster hills! It was a very fun course, but pretty challenging for my first 5K back! My hammies are killing me! Kirra had fun tho… she slept almos the entire race. She was probably scared going down the BIG hill!

After we got home, Kirra Grandma Theo and I went to the big garage sale extraveganza in Blaine. I got Kirra some mint-condition beanie babies (woodland creatures… a squirrel, blue jay, bunny, and badger/ant eater…) and I also got her a $15-$20 Leap Frog Discovery ball for only $4.00 . My total was just $5.00. You can’t go wrong with those prices! I also picked up some glass jars for free! Sometimes they have free bins!

Tomorrow we go to my parent’s house for mother’s day. It should be fun! Jason and Kirra made me a card, with her hand prints, and she colored with the paints on there (with her hands) it’s so precious!

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