Middle of March

Well lately Kirra has been having some social anxiety. That’s the only thing I can pinpoint it on. She just melts into tears. It happened at the Nursing Home, where it was on the warm side, with about 18 people in a small area… she melted down again at the wake where there were multiple people, and again at the funeral luncheon. I am thinking she might get nervous when there are too many people in such a tight area, or if other people hold her, she gets nervous. I asked my mom’s group about it, and they’ve has similar experiences, but I think I am going to ask her pediatrician tomorrow! We have a well baby exam tomorrow, and I am so curious to see how she has grown. We also get the results of her kidney ultra-sound, and hopefully there is nothing else with that! She rolled over earlier this month, and hasn’t done it since. It must have been a huge fluke! I’m sure she will eventually do it again! We think she is starting to get a tooth! We’re also going to ask the doctor about that too. She has a small white hard dot on her gums, and she is drooling like a crazy woman! She recently learned to grab for toys, hang on to them, and laugh on demand (when we’re tickling her). Life is just great! We will update you with more information tomorrow 🙂

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