Well we went to the doctor today for her 4 month check up and she is doing just great! You can check “Fun Facts” to see her growth. The doctor agreed that too many people so close to her can definitely stress her out! So we just need to be careful at how many people are comming at her! She is a shy baby, and that’s ok.

We started her on Rice Cereal about two weeks ago, and the doctor was just fine with that. She said we can try different cereals too, like Oatmeal, or Barley etc. She just said make sure it’s BABY cereal, not quaker oats! 🙂 Also… she can start fruits and veggies in about 2 months, so we will just get her used to the cereal for now.

She tried to roll over at the doctors office, but we all stopped her because she would have rolled right off the table! Haha! Everything looked absolutely wonderful. No teeth yet, but that’s definitely ok! Doctor said maybe in 2 months or so…

Well Kirra is home with daddy for the rest of the day, she got shots today so she will be tired and cranky!

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