Whole30 is over!

Happy February! The January Whole30 is officially over, and all three of us quit at varying stages. As you saw back in my last post, Jason quit around day 11, and we were letting Kay quit on the 18th. I ended up falling off the program on day 26. I know what you’re thinking, “You […]

WholeFamily Whole30

Hey everyone! Happy 2019! I hope everyone had a lovely time with their family and friends over the holiday season! We had an exceptional time recouping and NOT checking e-mails etc. We all go back to work and school tomorrow, but despite LOVING the time off, I suppose we can ready ourselves to contribute to […]

Whole30 – Back Again

Whole30 back again Check its records let’s begin Party on party people let me hear some noise W30’s in the house jump jump rejoice There’s a party over here A party over there Wave your hands in the air Shake your derriere These three words when you’re gettin’ busy Whoomp there it is Hit me […]

Whole30 – Week 4 and Conclusion

Hey Guys! I am officially done with Whole30! Firstly, I found out I could give up my beloved wine for an entire month, and don’t even miss pasta or rice, which was a mainstay (and definite over-consumption) in all of my meals! Here’s how the final days went… Friday April 22 B Two Eggs, baked […]

Whole30 – Week 3

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…. Friday April 15, 2016 Breakfast – Two eggs cracked, with peppers & onions and baked till done Lunch – Final batch of left over chili Dinner – The most amazing Spicy Thai Zoodle Salad I absolutely adore Pad Thai! The flavors and umami involved tantalize my taste buds, […]

Living the Paleo Dream

Hey Guys, Now that I’ve officially finished my Whole30 its time to re-introduce some of those foods to: a.) see if it has any effect on me b.) loosen the reigns a little bit. I really wanted to give this section its due honor and not kick off my heels to much. I wanted to […]

One Thousand Gifts

When parents die young, when you’re not ready to be done being parented… and you hear of the young child taken too soon. The utter of those six letters strung together to form that horrific word… cancer. ISIS, starvation, persecution. How do we battle the sorrow of this world and have a sunshining outlook on […]