Pan Seared Venison Steak with sautéed broccoli and rutabaga fries!

So ~ for the past several seasons my family and I have enjoyed watching Master Chef – to the point where my daughter now sets a timer every time I cook to see if I can make our meal in one hour!

Tonight was no different and the menu was Venison Steak with Sauteed broccoli and Rutabaga fries!

The Deer | Venison was hunted by my husband

The Broccoli and Rutabaga came from Minnesota Fresh Farm! To say that we were having a farm to table dinner tonight was spot on!

I prepared the venison by pulling it out of the fridge 1 hour before I intended to cook it to bring it up to room temperature.

I then fished out my 12″ Lodge Cast Iron Skillet and put it in an oven and pre-heated it to 450 degrees.

Next I cut my broccoli into little florets and blanched them – and threw them into a skillet – seasoned with salt and pepper about a T of olive oil and crushed red pepper. Then mixed together 1 t of brown sugar and 3 t of parmean cheese – mixed and set aside.

Next I peeled and cut up my rutabaga and cut into fry size pieces – tossed in 1 T of olive oil and some seasoning and put on a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil and put in the oven.

With about 20 minutes out from dinner time I threw some EVOO on my venison steak (after rinsing and patting dry) and some burger/steak seasoning – took the cast iron out of the oven and put on a medium/high flame on my stove top.

Seared the venison about 90 seconds and then flipped and threw the whole thing back in the 450 oven for 5 minutes each side since it was at least 1.5 inches thick.

I then pulled it out and let rest for 5 minutes.

Tossed the parmesan cheese and brown sugar on the broccoli.

Pulled out the rutabaga fries

and plated!

Served with a red blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Petit Syrah and Petit Verdot!

Bon Appétit

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