The Finish Line

Well after a long event planning season 2013 our events have come to a close! Our last event was one of my very favorites, our All Association Banquet which was held at the Blaisdel Mansion.
It was extra special this year, because my parents joined the association, so I got to sit next to them at the banquet which was super awesome.
For the first Saturday in a very long time we are just here. We have no get togethers to go to, no sports to go to (due to schedule changes), and are just going to chill for the day. I’m sipping some coffee & baileys and later will probably carve pumpkins. I’m also working on THIS project today which is a volunteer job for K’s school. Basically I have to rip out pages out of the workbooks and put them in manila file folders.
What plans do you have this weekend?

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