God is so amazing!

God is so amazing! He answered the #1 prayer I’ve had!

About 5 years ago a new Charter School opened up near my house (about 1 mile away) and they had an open house/information session – so I went to it… when K was 9 months old! Now i know this sounds kind of crazy, but I was really interested in knowing what it was all about. It sounded super exciting. 
I was the only one who attended that still had a baby – because everyone else that went to that information setting was normal and they had school aged children – so began my desire for K to go to DaVinci. 
Years went by and DaVinci quickly climbed the ranks becoming the #16 school last year for elementary and the #3 school district in MN out of all schools! (Standard tests). This just increased my desire for K to go to DaVinci.
Other bonus’:
Uniforms – lets face it. Kids are mean, and K is already trying to impress her preschool friends by her stylish outfits and the wearing of LIPSTICK!!!! So this is one thing we don’t need to worry about!
This school goes K-12 and has small class sizes. Max class size is 18 students, and average is 15 students per class. I take this as super awesome, and one reason I believe that their test scores are so high
Creation as a theory: I believe in the theory of creation, and a lot of public schools simply won’t broach the subject, but DaVinci will teach it as a theory at least!
Gym every day! – enough said…..
There are myriad other reasons I’ve wanted K to go here, but these are just a few.
So – this past January came by and we applied for the Lottery (cos they’re pretty popular)…I sent out prayer requests to family, friends, facebook, church, KTIS prayer works etc, took a fast from Facebook (and continued through Lent, but mostly a fast to get into DaVinci)…. and by the grace of God we ended up #4 on the  waiting list. I was very disappointed, but my cousin Heidi assured me that we’d get in for sure. I had a glimmer of hope!
And today…. THEY CALLED AND SAID THEY HAVE A SPOT!!!!!! Weeee! I literally screamed with joy when I heard my voicemail! Unfortunately all of the all day kindergarten spots are taken up already – but they had either a morning session (8am-11am) or an afternoon session (noon-3pm). I decided with my schedule we’d take the morning session. 
SO I’ll drop her off at school, and then a daycare center will pick her up at 11am – feed her lunch, and integrate her into their own programing they have until I get off work.
Because i work for the best place ever – I will just change my hours to 8:30am-4:30pm (starting tomorrow). 
Her first day of school will actually be missed however – because we will be far up north on the Pontoon Boat trip – so she’ll start school 1 week late. Anyways – I’m just completely tickled pink, and am so excited about this!!!

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