Birthday Memories & Storytime

Well since I’ve last posted we had a milestone birthday! Jason turned 30! We had a big party for him at our house with around 30 people over.

The night was very unseasonably warm, and our house was rather toastie,so we had a bonfire out on our patio. 30 people on our patio is DEFINITELY MAX limit! Since Jason doesn’t really like cake I told him to pick out whatever he wanted, so we surprised everyone with Little Debbie/Hostes cupcakes. I somehow managed to get a candle in his,and then held out a basket for everyone with individually wrapped cupcakes asking people if they wanted a “slice of cake” I know we brought some elementary school memories back…It was a hoot!

Kirra is still doing great at dance,and for the most part is paying attention to her instructors! Last night was completely hysterical…

After we put Kirra down to bed and were snuggling up for some TV shows in bed I inquired with Jason if we had any desert snacks in the house. His response was no…but I should go to Dairy Queen! Excellent idea I thought so I grabbed my purse, hopped in my car and cranked up the tunes since I was sans kiddo. A few blocks from home I noticed a Ginormous spider crawling across my windshield!!! I peered closer to see if it was inside or outside of the car and to my horror it was inside!!! So I did a quick check in the rearview mirror to make sure there were no cars behind me (check),and slammed on the breaks.

I fought for several seconds to get my seatbelt off, and then my car door to get unlocked when i jumped out the car screaming OH MY GOD on top of my lungs…

Then I looked up at my car and noticed that it was rolling away. D@*nit!!

I had to make a very fast decision. I had to literally RUN after my car…jump back in my car despite my fears and slam on the breaks….and put it in park! So I did all the while screaming for my life…I got it in park and jumped out again… I turned the flashlight portion of my phone on,and began to scour the car for the spider… cos I wasn’t going back in that car with that sucker just crawling around wherever and up my legs etc.

I finally gave up after 20 minutes,and went to DQ with my jacket around my legs, and my hoodie pulled tight around my head. Sadly… this story is completely not exaggerated…

I just finished reading an EXCELLENT book this evening called the Glass Castle. Its so amazing. I highly recommend it to ANYONE. Its a true story about how a girl was raised on the edge of homelessness her entire life because her father was a severe alcoholic. Kirra and I went to Storytime tonight at the Library,and brought home 10 new books for her. We had a marathon reading session tonight, and read them all! They’re all really fun books.

Am I the only one who is craving winter? I know I’m totally nuts…but everything is just so pretty when its all covered in white! Plus then I can start XC Skiing (My favorite) and downhill skiing (my other favorite). I’m craving winter now because we started talks about our annual Lutsen trip! I seriously can’t wait. T-60 (or so days) until Lutsen…

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