Last night we had a very low pressure storm hit the midwest, and it hit Minnesota like a windstorm unlike any i’ve experienced in my nearly 30 years of life! Driving definitely required two hands, and I was very grateful for my hands free bluetooth enabled car!

All thru the night I could hear the wind howling like a wolf at the moon and at times I swore I thought my whole roof was going to just pop off. I even imagined where we would sleep if it did! Well.. about 6am or so I heard a very loud crash then boom… it was definitely in the house… Intruder? My dog was sleeping at the foot of my bed knocked out cold…. he didn’t even flinch… I thought what the heck dog!!! Aren’t you supposed to wake up and bark? I wrazzled him, and shook him, until he finally woke up, and all he did was yawn and stretch. What a nice guard dog you are!!!!

The boiler was out so the house was FREEZING cold…it was only at 60….so I went down the basement and checked the boiler, and sure enough it was tripped. So I was so cold, and still wondering what had made all the racket earlier, when I noticed a strange object on the floor near the stationary tub… it was the basement window! The wind was SO STRONG that it had popped out the window – frame and all!

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