Mixing it up

Well we’re still doing gymnastics but only have 2 more weeks which is bitter sweet. Its been like a roller coaster because we’ve had lows with Kirra not listening, and highs when she’s mastered new skills… Now that we’re doing the Tiny Twisters 1 I’ve realized we’re paying $130 to jump on the trampoline…. Because that is Kirra’s favorite part… Jason and I don’t feel that Kirra is ready to go back to the 2nd level so when this class is over I’m not going to sign her up for this right away again… We feel like at this time its just not the best fit for Kirra. She’s a bit more timid of a gal… and is scared of heights, and balance beams etc… Well I took a few pictures today… enjoy!
On the trampoline

Jumping really high!

Crawling in the blocks

On the uneven bars


Beam Circut

Humpty Dumpty game

Slide into the blocks

I looked thru the ECFE catalog to see what (cheaper) activities we can do, and they have a Tiny Tot dance class starting up in November,and that’s only $25! So we’ll do that, and see how that goes… Its all on the floor, and Kirra likes to dance… so hopefully it’ll be a good fit for her!
I started to DVR a new show on TLC called Sister Wives and it makes me sick… yet I’ve watched 4 episodes back to back… what does that say about me? Haha… I really really don’t understand polygamist marriage. I’m glad I’m not in that culture though… In one scene one of the wives 5 daughters were playing barbies.. and they had 1 ken.. and 4 barbies.. and the kids named the barbies all the wives names, and the person playing ken took turns kissing that various barbies… It was kind of ____ – what are they teaching these kids? I was really jealous of their barbie house though… I need to make one!!!
Off to read! Adieu.

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