Lindsey Ingalls Wilder…..

Happy Saturday everyone! Today was kind of a Laura Ingalls Wilder kind of day. As you may or may not recall, Pam & Phil (Kirra’s godparents and my in-laws long time frined) were raising chickens for us. So today was the Minnesota Chicken Masacre… well, no it really wasn’t that bad…

Kirra and I slept in until 10am! Ooftah, and then we had some quick breakfast and were off to Pam and Phils. On the way, we stopped by Festival to pick up some Texas Caviar, and I went to the self check-out because i was kind of in a hurry, so I grabbed my stuff and got out of there… well I was half way down the road when it dawned on me, I never paid for my food!!! So I had to whip a u-ie, and go back. They thought that was nice I came back, and knew that I either forgot to pay, and would come back, or i’d never go back there again!
Got back on the road again (paid in full this time) and got over to Pam and Phil’s. Sue was already there, and they had already done up 5 chickens. So immediately I set my stuff down,and it was CHICKEN TIME.
Pam and Phil went into the chicken coup and got a few chickens…
got them up on the log, and chopped off their heads
(Kirra kept saying in an english accent “Off with their heads”)
Dunked them in the water…. this helps loosen their feathers
to make it a lot easier to pull them off.
Plucked some feathers
My turn to hold on to some chickens!
After you lop off their heads, they really flap their wings a lot, and we just hold onto their feet, and don’t let them go… if their wings are in front of your legs that can kind of hurt and then you also get blood all over your shins like I did. I should have taken a picture of that, but o’well. Some people let them go, and they jump around without heads on, but then they get injured and bruised, and its not good for the meat. This part ended up being my favorite part… holding on to them after their heads got chopped off, because they put up a fight, and its just fun holding on! I definitely earned my red-neck points today!
Our reward.. lots of chickens!!!
We took home 5… so approximately 25 pounds of chicken!
All in all, I really actually enjoyed it. I was really nervous, especially
about the part where they still move after they’re dead, but as I already said
that was my favorite part… and the plucking wasn’t so bad either.
Kirra was AMAZING today. Not only did she get in on the action (watched)
but she wore undies all day and only had one accident! She took a pretty
long nap for us on the couch too, so that was nice!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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