Happy Father’s Day

Today Jason let me sleep in, bless his soul. I found out my good friend Kristina just moved about 4 blocks away from me, so I went over to her house last night to offer some moral support while she put up her new wardrobe from Ikea. The instructions on her wardrobe had no words, just cartoon characters which by themselves would be funny enough but with the few glasses of wine we had was even more funny. We’re planning to go biking in the mornings which will be so nice. I have Monday & Tuesday off, so I told her that it has to be after that!

I got home safe and sound Friday night at about 11:30. My co-worker Julie and I had a good ride home, singing karaoke style in the car… Near Finlayson we saw a cop car completely blazed in fire, which was pretty crazy. I’m not sure what happened there… Yesterday Jason, Kirra and I went to breakfast at Perkins. Kirra’s plate was bigger than even mine!

Later on we all took naps, and Kirra and I (after we woke up) went to 6pm church service, and then off to Jason’s parents for a visit. Kirra had fun jumping on the trampoline, and running in their 5 acre backyard! After we got back as I said above i went to Kristina’s house.

Today we went to my parents and had a BBQ of Hamburgers, fresh fruit, beans, chips and dips. We also had a Key’s house cake which is ALWAYS to die for. Then we had a fun game of croquet. I didn’t play, I was watching Kirra and playing tag with my nieces & nephew. It was a great time. Kirra is now taking a late nap, and I am making stroganoff for dinner. Tomorrow I have off work, and Kirra and I are meeting up with a friend to go to the park and have a picnic lunch!

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