Girlie Girls

So today I went to Miss Allison’s dance recital. She was absolutely so cute. She did two numbers. I got to hold Gabby for a while on my lap and love her up. Jason decided to stay home with Kirra. Dance recitals isn’t his cup of tea, even though his favorite summer show is “So you Think You Can Dance”. I know Kirra wouldn’t have lasted for the THREE hour recital either…

Speaking of girlie girls. I found out that Kirra plays babies with Tally at daycare. How adorable is that! My favorite toy in the world was barbies. I secretly still played barbies when I was even 14 years old…. I think I will be buying Kirra some barbies for her 2nd birthday! I can’t wait.

Me… I’ve been so busy between working, playdates, bible study, and chores (including Facebook, which is like a chore)… I’ve found time to read also. I wake up tired in the morning because I end up staying up until Midnight to read! Jason and I read the entire Twilight Series in about a month… he’s on to some new vampire series, House of Night, or something like that… and me… i’m reading 3 or 4 books simultaniously. I’m reading a book about Alison Sweeney, the actress that portrays Sami on Days of our Lives… an autobiography of her life and on the set of Days. I’m reading Water for Elephants, a great book I borrowed from a co-worker. I’m reading, Lies Women Believe for my bible study, and now I just got the book Wicked, tales and adventures of the Wicked Witch of the West…. Most people read one book at a time… I read 4…

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