19 months and mid-June

WOW, Already? Both of these have happened so incredibly fast! Looking back to last year at this time I can hardly believe that Kirra didn’t even know how to crawl yet, and now she is walking/running, and talking up a storm! She is now repeating pretty much everything you say, so we have to put the Potty Mouth Patrol out! NO MORE SWEARING!!! We shouldn’t anyways, but now we need to be more careful for slip-ups.

It’s been a really cool June, until this weekend! I’ve been working a lot lately, and last week I was at New Bri Tri, with pouring rain, and this weekend I had Du at the Dam and it was sunny and 70. You absolutely couldn’t have asked for a better day! I was the follow-up biker, so I got to bike 20 miles yesterday! Later on we went to a BBQ at a TCM co-workers house. Of course Kirra was the life of the party too! She kept going up to people when they were munching on apps, and they would give her some food, and then Kirra wouldn’t leave them alone. We forewarned them though before they gave her any food. “If you feed her, she won’t leave you alone”. We got to see pictures of my co-worker Sandy’s trip to Alaska on their Alaskan cruise, and now I desperately want to go on one. It was gorgeous. I at least want to take a trip to Ketchikan. Its very nostalgic looking!
On the way home from the party we quick stopped at Babies R Us to get Kirra’s new crib. They didnt have ANY of the first three cribs we liked in stock, so then we had to ask them WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN STOCK? And we found a gorgeous white one.
Today Kirra and I slept in until 10am, and then went to 11am church, while Jason stayed home to set up the crib, and fill the pool up. After church Kirra and I stopped by Frank & Theo’s for a little visit, and then we went off to William O’Brien State Park to go hiking with my friend Nikki. I have a hiking backpack that Kirra sits in, that has excellent back support. We had a great time, although it was pretty darn hot for hiking!
Well I’m off to a new week… Thursday-Friday and Saturday morning I will be in Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon. Nooooo I’m not running it… I’ll be there for a TCM expo booth. But I’m going to really miss Jason and Kirra. It will only be for two days, but I hate being away from my daughter for any amount of time.
Well I need to get ready for the week and for bed.


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