On the Mend

Kirra has been feeling much better today. We took the first half of the day easy with just Pedialite which she kept down just fine, and then for lunch she had a half a piece of toast which she did well with, and then tonight she ate ham, green beans, and a pasta side dish. She ate a good amount of it, and kept it all down!

Kirra and I, and our friends Alisa and Aiden went garage sailing today. I kept Kirra in the stroller so she wouldn’t get anyone else ill, and I found a few books! Aiden got some toys, and a Mr. Potato head. This one guy was selling Build your own Mr. Potato Head for $0.50. He probably had 20-30 bodies…. apparently his daughter used to collect them…. I found it a bit humorous.

Tonight my parents came over and my mom told us all about her trip to Paris. I got to see lots of pictures, books, and the souvenirs that she got me including a very pretty rosary. Jason and Kirra got T-Shirts.

Now Jason has a cold , so hopefully he’ll be on the mend soon! Tomorrow I am going to church and then meeting up with my good pal Colleen. If it’s nice out we’re going to go hiking, otherwise we’re going to have lunch somewhere in Maple Grove. Later on I am planning to go to a bike race at the velodrome for work.


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