Comming soon!

Well I am comming into the homestretch. Soon it will all be done and over with! I guess for the most part it has gone by pretty quickly when I look back, but while I am in the moment it feels like the middle of November will never come! She is almost considered full term now, so she can definitely come early if she wants to. I will not complain at all! I have noticed her moving a lot more, and it’s either because she is bigger now, and I can really feel her, or because she is packing up her little cocoon to come out into the world. Maybe both… I definitely feel the weight of my belly these days, and getting out of bed, off the couch, or out of a chair is becomming a chore! Also my tiredness has reached an all time high of ridiculous. I am tired all of the time, and not sleeping through the night is definitely not helping. I guess she is preparing me for the first few months of mother-hood. I do miss my full nights rest though.

We’re already training the animals not to touch her things. We set the pack n’ play up with the bassinete in the room and have (I think) successfully taught the kitty that its not his bed to share with the baby. I keep a spray bottle close so if the cat even thinks about it, he will get a blast full of water. We’ve also put out the bouncy seat in the living room to teach them not to crowd it, or touch it. I have a baby shower this upcomming weekend, and then we will finish off the baby’s room. It seems to be comming together now!

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