62 Days and counting!

So we have, give or take about 62 days left until our daughter arrives. As you know by now, we’ve chosen not to name her until she is here. Our list of names is growing by the week.

I am definitely enjoying the cool down, and the Fall Season as opposed to the Summer. This summer was very hot, and without central air things were a little steamy in the home.  Our sunflowers our blooming in the fall sun, and they look gorgeous.

Today Jason put together the crib, and it looks fantastic. The girl’s room is a light yellow with a green border, and the black wood of the crib just jumps out. It’s very majestic in her room.

Everything is going great with my pregnancy. She is getting bigger and bigger all the time… (where is this baby going to fit?). I now have a line down my belly (The Line of Neigra). Other than the constant nausea, a little trouble moving around, and a bit of back pain, I have no complaints. 

Until next time, take care, and God Bless!

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