Early Birthday!

What a great weekend we had! Saturday Kirra and I woke up semi early and had some breakfast together, and then we were off to take photos for a friend at a park nearby. After the photo shoot we went out to Burger King for some lunch, and playtime.

Kirra and I got back around 2:00 p.m. or so and boy were we exhausted! We both took a lovely three hour nap and then headed out to Grandma & Grandpa’s. Pam & Phil were there too because they were all going on a vacation to Mexico and had to plan it out.
Unfortunately Uncle Miah & Auntie Am didn’t know if they could make it to Kirra’s birthday party this upcoming weekend, so they brought Kirra’s birthday to her a little early! We all had to go outside to see what it was, and Kirra’s eyes light up, and her arms went up in the air like she just scored the wining touchdown. They bought her a barbie wheels four wheeler! THANKS UNCLE MIAH & AUNTIE AMILLIE!
It ended up being a late night so Kirra and I just slept over. She woke up exceptionally early because of daylights savings time so we woke up and Grandma made us french toast which was super delicious,and then we took a long walk down the dirt road with Kirra on her 4 wheeler. After some ATV time we jumped on the trampoline and then went to church.
Kirra and I came home and she took a nap (aka played quietly in her room) and I got a few things done. We’re headed out to my 7 year old nieces birthday today! The fun never ends…

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