Swimming Lessons

We had a very fun night tonight at swimming. Kirra got to practice some more independent type swimming. She had a floatie board, and then just hung on to the edge and kicked and kicked. She actually was “swimming” all by herself! It was great. She was doing really well and the instructor told us that we may want to consider doing private lessons. They have a pre-school class that will start up in September, but since Kirra won’t quite be 3 at that time she may not be able to join in the class. She said if we do private lessons then she will be taught at whatever level she is ready for. She seems to really like it, so we’ll see what the funds look like. Even private lessons are considerably cheaper than Foss. The water does seem to keep getting colder though! I’m going to take the bus tomorrow. I feel like reading, and I don’t feel like driving. Sara Jane is coming over for some yummy Mac & Cheese. Off to bed so I can catch the bus in the morning!

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